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Home Office Questions: EUROPOL

Monday was the first day back in Westminster for MPs following the Summer Recess. It was also the first Home Office questions that the new Home Office team had to face.

I asked the Minister of State for Security, Ben Wallace MP, about European cooperation. I want to see the UK remain a member of EUROPOL, the international police cooperation unit in Europe that helps catch criminals by sharing information.

The Minister replied that I would have to “slightly wait for that answer”. I am deeply worried that the Government still hasn’t made up its mind if it is going to remain a member of EUROPOL. Speaking as a former Minister responsible for Security in the last Labour government, I know all too well what a positive force for good EUROPOL is and turning our backs on it will harm the effectiveness of our police.

What we need is a government that is forthcoming with what its plans are following the referendum. I will continue to pressure the new Ministerial team at the Home Office on this issue as it is vitally important to give our police access to all the information they need to catch criminals and prevent crime.

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