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By David Hanson MP / Latest News / 0 Comments

Leader of the House Questions: English Votes for English Laws

I asked the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons about the Wales Bill. In particular, due to English Votes for English Laws, how I cannot vote on certain matters in Parliament, removing my ability to represent you in Parliament, but other MPs can vote on the Wales Bill.

Parts of the Wales Bill, which only effect Wales, will see all Members of the House voting upon them. I do not believe that that is fair. Why are English, Scottish and Northern Irish MPs allowed to vote on Wales only matters, whilst I cannot vote on matters in England – like the NHS, which many people in Flintshire use for specialist treatment in hospitals such as those in Liverpool – but all other MPs are allowed to vote on Wales only matters.

The Minister said that this was due to it being a constitutional matter. I believe that is a poor response. In actual fact it is because the UK Government have introduced a complicated and unfair voting system in the House of Commons.