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On Monday, I questioned the Security Minister about the Prevent Strategy and monitoring online radicalisation.

I asked this question because over a year ago, Zack Davies was sentenced to life imprisonment following his attempt to behead an Asian citizen in a random attack in a Tesco supermarket in Mold. He was radicalised on the internet by neo-Nazi and Hitler-worshipping material. Therefore it is imperative that the Government focus its efforts on all forms of radicalisation on the internet, and not just radical Islamist terrorism.

The Minister agreed with me. He too wishes to ensure that our monitoring covers all form of radicalisation. He informed the House that there are parts of the country now that are seeing an upswing in far right radicalism, overtaking Islamist extremism.

I welcome the Ministers response and will be ensuring that the Government fulfill their words in action. The security of the nation is the first role of Government and one that cannot be allowed to be threatened.