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3,700 Families in Delyn could be hit by Cuts to Working Tax Credits

Today Labour will force the government to debate the cuts to Working Tax Credits, and a vote will be held to reverse the deep cuts to Tax Credits. The government has repeatedly told us that they are the party of working people. All their actions so far demonstrate that they will never be able to make that claim. More than 3 million families are losing £1,300 on average because of these cuts.

In Delyn 3,700 families are receiving working tax credits. Of those 2,800 families have children. Each and every one of these families are in work and striving to get on in life. The government argue that their new ‘National Living Wage’ will cancel out any income lost by families. This is not true. The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has rubbished any suggestion of this saying that this is “arithmetically impossible.”

These cuts will push 200,000 children into poverty next year. Me and my colleagues worked tirelessly in government to bring about an end to child poverty, only for 13 years of work to be undermined with a simple swipe of the Chancellors pen.

Today I will vote against the government’s cuts to Tax Credits. For too long the government has made life harder for people in work.

Rest assured if the government fail to reverse the Tax Credits the next Labour government will. We will not place a heavy burden on those who rely on Tax Credits, we will bring down the welfare bill by ensuring we have a productive economy. Offering high-skilled jobs with a decent days pay.