RTEmagicC_Delyn_Map_for_Website.jpgIt has been my great pleasure to have represented the people of Delyn since 1992, where  I lived with my family for over 22 years, if you like to find out more about Flintshire please visit http://www.visitflintshire.com/. My constituents will always be my priority and I will give them a voice in Parliament.

Click here to see my Spring 2008 Parliamentary Report to Delyn

Click here to see my Summer 2007 Parliamentary Report to Delyn.

If you live within the Delyn area, I can represent you and your views in many different ways.

Since I became the local MP in 1992, I have been involved in many different issues and developed an expertise in getting my constituents the help they need. I cannot always get people the outcome they want, but people know I will always do my best on their behalf.

Problems Solved
If you have a problem you have tried to sort out, but to which you cannot get a response, I can try to help. In the first instance you should contact the body who has failed to give you the service you need. But if you cannot resolve an issue, I will happily get involved.

Petitions Presented
I am always happy to receive petitions and to take up issues that they raise on your behalf. I will make sure they get to whoever has the power to respond to the issue that you are concerned about. Please talk to me about the most effective way to get your point of view across.

I can access a vast amount of information on behalf of my constituents. If you need to find something out to help you solve a problem, or progress a campaign you are involved in, I will try to get you what you need. If I don’t know the answer, I usually know someone who does!

Meeting the people who can help
If you need to take an issue right to the heart of government, I can arrange a meeting and represent your case to the ‘powers that be’. I can make sure that your case gets a fair hearing and that all the information that you wish to put forward is presented to the most appropriate person. That might mean talking to the local council for you, or representing your views to a Minister or senior civil servant. I always try to make sure that the system works fairly for everyone in Delyn.

If you feel that any public organisations have not performed how they should, I can help you to take your complaint to the appropriate Ombudsman, These also exist for some bodies that are not in the ‘public’ sector i.e. banks and insurance companies.

David Hanson – MP for Delyn

Etholaeth Delyn