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On Tuesday, I asked the Prisons Minister, Sam Gyimah MP, about what action he is taking to tackle extremism in our prisons.

This issue is of vital importance to our country as there are growing concerns that our prisons are becoming places of ridicalisation and the failure by the Tory Government to tackle this threat is opening us up to potential terrorist attacks.

I quoted to the Prisons Minister that Ian Acheson, who undertook the Government’s own review into the services, told the Justice committee only last year that “I do not have the confidence that the national offender management service or indeed, if I may be frank, has the capability or the will to implement some of the recommendations I have made.”

When statements like this are being made by those reviewing the Conservatives legislation are appearing you know that a problem exists within the prisons system.

I am determined that our prisons must be secure, both for us and for prisoners. Only then will we reduce long-term re-offending and keep our streets safe.

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On Monday, I asked the Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell MP, why the Tory Government is failing to build the houses that are needed over the border in England.

I pointed out to the Minister that the Labour controlled Flintshire County Council has worked tirelessly with the Labour controlled Assembly to deliver 600 new council homes in Flintshire.

The Minister failed to give a decent answer to how the Conservative Government are going to tackle the housing crisis in England. This is disappointing as the solution to the housing crisis is simple: build more houses.

Labour is Wales, despite facing opposition from the Tories, has redirected resources to ensure that the good quality social housing is built. Government is all about choice and the choices made by the Tories show that they are against the many and only for the few.

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Figures out today show that the Conservative Government has failed to help families trying to get by as figures from the Trussell Trust – who run Flintshire Foodbanks – show that 95,190 people in Wales are now using Foodbanks.

In a report published by the Trussell Trust this morning called ‘Early Warnings: Universal Credit and Foodbanks’ it is detailed how foodbanks are being used more and more by people on Universal Credit, which is slowly being rolled out across the country by the Government. The Trust have found that there has been an average increase in referrals for emergency food of 16.85%, more than double the national average of 6.64%.

The report states that: Read more “Foodbank usage rises further under the Tories”

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I am calling for local creators to enter Parliament’s prestigious Film the House competition.

Founded by the All Party Film Group, which I am a member of, the annual competition offers the opportunity to put local film-makers in direct contact with the movers and shakers of the film industry, and to have the best of UK talent take front and centre stage. Nominations will be initially judged by me, and he will recommend which films should be put forward for judging by the leading lights of the industry, with prizes that include top-notch equipment, advice from professionals in the film industry and the winners’ films being screened. The Film the House competition is a pioneering opportunity to showcase what Delyn and the UK has to offer, raising awareness about the important of Intellectual Property (IP) to our creative industries and country. Read more “Call for Film-makers to enter ‘Film the House’ Parliamentary competition”