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Delyn MP calls for more action to tackle child poverty

Delyn MP David Hanson has called for action to tackle child poverty in Flintshire after new data from the child poverty action group showed child poverty is costing £25m in his Delyn constituency.

Mr Hanson has called for greater focus from the Westminster government on this issue, and for more support for hard working families who may be trapped in poverty even though they are in work.  The report showed there were 2332 children behind the relative poverty line in Delyn, making a total number of 4973 across Flintshire giving it the 169th highest number of children in poverty out of the 402 local authorities in the UK.

Every council is required by law to have a local child poverty strategy, and evidence has shown that reducing child poverty brings community benefits by cutting the costs to local authority services and boosting the local economy through improved skills and qualifications for school leavers.

David Hanson MP said:

“It is simply unacceptable that we have children living in poverty in the 21st century as it is bad for children, their parents, their future and their communities.

Unfortunately under this government economic growth has been stagnant and costs have been rising, leaving too many people in poverty and their children struggling.  This research shows just how expensive child poverty can be if it isn’t addressed, and that’s why we need the government to do more to make sure work pays and that people who are working hard can move out of poverty. ”