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Hanspn Makes a Noise About Walking to School

Delyn MP David Hanson us backing this years Walk to School Week [19–23 May 2008] and is urging local Primary school children to take part.

The number of children travelling to school by car over the past 20 years has doubled. This hugely successful UK-wide campaign aims to get families to leave their cars at home and walk to school.

Cars consume most fuel and pollute more at the start of their journey when the engine is cold, therefore, walking for short journeys will reduce the amount of CO2 emissions by a disproportionate amount. (Institute for European and Environmental Policy, 2007).

David Hanson said:

“Walking to school is often a fun, healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to jumping in your car.

“Nearly 30% of children aged two to 15 were classed as overweight or obese in 2006. It is clear that we need to pursue more active lifestyles and ensuring that we walk our children to school is a good way of doing this.

“It can also be fun. This year the Walk to School Campaign is focusing on children exploring their local environment through sound and noise.

“For more information about the national campaign, visit”