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I Am Opposing Government Plans Which Will Place More Children At Risk Of Poverty

I am opposing the Conservative Government’s welfare changes, which are projected to affect eight million children across the United Kingdom.

A recent report published by The Children’s Society entitled “The Future of Family Incomes”, shows the devastating statistics as to how key tax and welfare changes will affect families in 2020. The Government has introduced The Welfare Reform and Work Bill, puts in place a four year benefit freeze which will hit just over four million working families across the United Kingdom. The consequences of which are severe, pushing many children into poverty over the next four years, as the cost of living rises.

Projected figures include a total of 8,100 children in Delyn alone, potentially placing more and more children in poverty. Almost two thirds of those affected live in working households, of which 4,300 families will be effected in the Delyn who receive in work benefits.

The figures produced by The Children’s Society are deeply disturbing, and once again the UK Government is neglecting the needs of children from working families.

This is unacceptable and puts at risk the economic security of working families. After 13 years of hard work by the previous Labour Government, we cut child poverty by half a million. The Conservative Government has once again forgotten about the interests of working families in North Wales and is unpicking those 13 years progress.

Social security cuts on this scale, not only place families into hardship, but also remove spending power, which has a negative impact on our local economy, and our local businesses.